• Different types of Rabbit Hutch Designs

    More and more people are getting interested in the rearing of rabbits today. Some are doing it for fun while others are doing it for commercial purposes. With each passing day, People are becoming more and more aware of the value that rabbits have both commercially and as pets. The market is growing more and more accepting of rabbit mea with REX 6each passing day and its skin has also go some very good value.

    Those looking to simply keep them as pets are intrigued by the nature of the rabbit; its cleanliness, its organization, its explorative nature among many other things. In the even that you are one of the people looking to keep rabbits, blow is some good information on Rabbit Expert hutch designs for you.

    There are quite a number of different designs that one can have for their hutch. One can have a very simple cage that will be kept indoors. The hutch will basically be providing the rabbits with a place to call their own while they are in the house. They will normally come with the basic eating area, living area and sleeping are.

    The designs will normally be small and will be designed to accommodate just a few rabbits. You can decide on the size to go with depending on the number of rabbits that you will be keeping and the space that is available in your house to accommodate the rabbis.

    In the event that you will be keeping your rabbits outdoors, there are also a number of rabbit hutch designs that you can go with. These designs are usually much larger compared to those that are made for rabbis that will be kept inside. With these designs, you can get one that is raised and one that is not. By raised, we mean that you can get one whose floor is not touching the ground beneath.

    This usually works best for an area that is prone o predators. You can also choose to go with h raised design in the event ha you do no wan o have the litter box inside the hutch. This will however mean that you will have a hutch with a wire floor and the area that you live in is not full of predators. You can place the litter box beneath the floor and the rabbits can help themselves while they are still inside the hutch.

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