• Russian Language Jobs in US

    Besides Spanish and French, Russian is one of the highest on demand languages In USA. Business leaders are learning Russian to make it easier to expand their territories to Russia. The avid tourist simply wants to learn a new and interesting foreign language. The Russian American want someone to teach their child fluent Russian. And who is that someone? It could be you.

    Russian language jobs in US are not only on the rise, but they are also attracting high pays. In the major US cities like Washington and New York City for example, hospitals and legal firms are paying millions of dollars every year for a Russian language translator. And the good thing is that these companies don’t ask for a detailed education background for that matter. Instead, any fluent speaker of the Russian language could easily get a work visa with some help from their potential employer. Business 010

    On the other hand, studies have made it clear that the US is not on shortage of Russian language jobs. Instead, the shortage comes from a lack of fluent Russian speakers who want to work as translators. In one study done by a US based university last year, up to 60% of corporations throughout the country said they would love to hire someone who can speak a foreign language. And among the main language the corporations were after included Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French and Filipino.

    But why the drastic surge for Russian language jobs in US? For one, major corporations have realized that they settle down easier in foreign countries especially when their employees can speak the local language. Some big businesses are therefore paying for their employees to learn Russian before they set up offices in Moscow and other cities. On the other hand, an increasing number of Russians who can’t speak English is forcing local authorities to hire translators for help when need rises. The same case is with hospitals, where nurses and doctors need to communicate with Russian patients who no little or no English.

    Americans too are learning Russian for several important reasons. To start with, there are now thousands of Russian owned businesses in the US. Most of the employers for such companies prefer people who can speak some bit of Russian. And that is reflecting on the high demand for Russian language tutors, translators or normal employees who can speak Russian.

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