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    The pay day loan, also known as a “paycheck advance” is a diminutive, short-term credit that is primarily intended to enclose the borrower’s expenses until the next payday. These loans are sometimes called as cash advances; although it can also indicate those cash provided across a prearranged credit similar to a credit card.

    The basic credit process in a pay day loan is just merely a lender gives a short-term and unsecured loan/credit to be immediately paid when the borrower’s next pay day comes. Basically, there is a need for verification of the employment status or income situation is involved but some lenders may disregard this.

    In the common retail payday loans online model, borrowers will visit a payday lending firm or store and then try to secure just a small cash credit, agreeing that the payment is due in full when the borrower’s coming paycheck occurs. The borrower then issues a postdated check and then gives it to the lender indicating the full amount of the credit plus other charges.

    When the maturity date comes, the borrower is assumed to return to the lending store to pay what he or she owes. In case the borrower does not comply to pay the loan, the lender automatically can redeem the check issued to him. However, in case the amount in the account falls short on funds just to cover the check issued, the borrower is now facing a bouncing check fee coming from the bank plus the total costs of the loan and in turn the loan will definitely incur additional charges equivalent to an increased interest rate amount as the result of failure in payment.

    Some issues that concerns this kind of loan:

    • Drains money from those low-income groups

    People who course to payday lending are those typically low-income individuals with just a few assets and they are the people who at least are able to secure for themselves a normal but lower interest rate forms of loan. And since the pay day loan operations charge with high interest, they can be the main cause of depleting what was left of the assets from those in low-income groups.

    • Contentious collection manner

    In most cases of the pay day loans, the borrower has commonly issues a post-dated check to his lender; and if the borrower defaults, automatically the check will bounce; making these lenders to further threaten delinquent borrowers with criminal cases, in the instance of check fraud.

    Pay day loans are considered a controversial routine and affront legal battles and public understanding challenges every place where this pay day loans are practiced.

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