• What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test?


    You’ve probably heard that blood drug testing is the most reliable method. However, even a blood test, when tampered with can give you false results. Tampering with test kits or human mishandling for instance, can result in false results. If the test was done so that you get the job-you will most likely lose the position.

    In other cases like sports, a failed drug test could mean losing your status, trophies and earnings as the winner. Certainly no one wants things to get that far, which is why you can run a mouth swab drug test from kits available at https://drugtestsinbulk.com and know your status before the official drug test.

    But why a mouth swab?

    In its similarity to blood testing, oral drugs tests impress in that they detect the first moments when the drug was taken. You don’t have to wait for hours like with the case of many urine drug tests. Again, the mouth swab drug test can have accurate results for a window of detection of between 1 and 4 days. The high accuracy is attributed to the fact that saliva contains the same compounds that make blood testing so accurate. In other words, you can take the test immediately you are asked to and produce accurate results that can match any additional tests.


    The mouth swab drug testing method is most accurate for many cases like: impairment, dosage monitoring and post-accident testing. You can also take a mouth swab to confirm your results before you get the official pre-work drug test. And the good thing, you can easily get the kits and procedure for doing this test in an online retailer.

    In conclusion, the mouth swab drug test is one of the most reliable drug testing methods. It is fast, easy to do and applicable for a wide variety of occasions.

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