• Where is it Legal to Grow Cannabis or Marijuana and How to grow it hydroponically?


    Did you know that there are marijuana dispensaries across the county? Yes, there are. These are state approved dispensaries where they grow marijuana plants traditionally or by using soil, or hydroponically, meaning – the plants are grown in water. Of course they do not use water alone to provide all of the nutrients needed to keep the plant alive. They include certain chemicals the plant needs in order to survive the environment. Actually, this type of gardening process is being used by many who are aware of the procedure. It is very easy once you get use to it. You can do it either indoor or outdoor and you can even do it with other herbs such as basil, oregano, mint, ginger root, tomatoes and more.

    But going back to the main topic, maybe you are asking why there is such a thing as a marijuana dispensary? We all know that planting marijuana seeds abuse can lead to total human disaster, and having a garden of marijuana may provoke the use of it. Actually, the dispensaries cannot be put up by anyone just that. They have to pass strict requirements and must prove the government that the marijuana plant will not be used for anything else rather than for medicinal purposes only. Just so everyone knows, the marijuana leaves is a vital ingredient for the medication of AIDS and several types of cancer.

    Here are the other reasons why marijuana growing is beneficial:

    1. It can be an excellent pain killer for certain conditions. You can only use this once prescribed by a doctor.

    2. Used for the treatment of glaucoma.

    More and more companies have benefited from the government’s decision to make some of the marijuana dispensaries legal. In fact, some schools in California and Michigan have started to offer courses on how to deal with this type of plant – the good way. You may also want to do a research on this for there are online schools offering the course as well.

    The Marijuana used in the medical field, is one of the most promising business today. Although not everyone in the United States is yet convinced to legalize the medicinal plant, 14 states already submitted and agreed to culture marijuana through approved dispensaries.

    Here is the list of the 14 states who agreed to legalize marijuana:

    1. Alaska

    2. California

    3. Hawaii

    4. Colorado

    5. Maine

    6. Montana

    7. Michigan

    8. New Jersey

    9. Nevada

    10. Oregon

    11. New Mexico

    12. Washington

    13. Vermont

    14. Rhode Island

    Even though the states agreed to legalize the growing of marijuana either hydroponically or through soil base, every dispensary has to follow the amount of marijuana one dispensary should only have plus some other requirements. Every state has its own set of requirements that is why you have to make a different research on that for you to have more detailed information.

    People from the said states have to get a written and valid medical certificate explaining his or her illness and that his or her doctor prescribed the use of marijuana to cure his or her illness. That is the only time a person can carry marijuana. Other than that, carrying this is still prohibited. But if you were given a license to carry it, or grow it, here are the steps on how to plant and grow marijuana hydroponically. Please see the list below:

    1. The place where you intend to grow your marijuana plant should have an electric outlet.

    2. You have to have huge container pots. You must know the water solution to suspend the plant’s roots.

    3. The plant also requires sunlight. If you are planting the marijuana – indoor, you can make use of an artificial lighting.

    4. Marijuana also blooms flowers! And that’s the best time to harvest the leaves. The flowers will be your key indicator for harvesting.

    If you were caught by the federal government growing marijuana plants illegally, you are likely to face the following:

    Federal Charges

    1. It will be jail time for you.

    2. 30 years imprisonment

    3. Fine that can reach up to 4 million dollars.

    State Charges

    1. Up to 99 years of imprisonment.

    2. Fine that can reach up to 50,000 dollars.

    The charges stated may change depending on the number of times you have committed the crime.

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