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    Whether you are in search of deals on women’s perfume or men’s colognes, you really can save a lot of money by shopping for discount fragrances online. There are a great many web sites that offer fragrances at deeply discounted prices and a short search using your favorite search engine will reveal them to you. There are a lot of different ways that you can save money on your favorites if you just spend a bit of time online and search carefully.

    Save money buying smaller amounts

    When you want a designer fragrance, either for women or for men, you can usually find your favorites in smaller amounts and this will save you a lot of money. You might have to buy your favorite a little more often this way, but the actual outlay of money will be less and this can be a real help if you are on a budget.

    Look for sites that offer overstock or wholesale fragrances

    There are sites on the Internet that sell discount fragrances because they have purchased them when a store is over stocked. These are usually available at deep discounts. Sites that sell wholesale to the public can also save you quite a bit of money on your favorites.

    Look for coupons or special offers

    Some web sites will offer you a special coupon if you agree to receive their newsletter. Some will give you a coupon code to use when you check out if you will click the ‘like’ button for their business on sites such as FaceBook. Some will give you deals if you will refer a friend. Whatever you can do to get a good deal is worth it! And getting the newsletter may tell you when the site has a special.

    Consider buying testers

    Many discount fragrances sites will offer tester bottles at big discounts. This means that the bottle was intended to be used as a tester in a store. It may not have the same exact label as one that is bought at the regular price, but really, if you can get it for a lot less money does that really matter?

    Things to watch out for

    Buying discount fragrances online is usually completely safe. But there are a few things to look for before you give any site your credit card information. First, make sure that they state clearly that they are not selling you a knock-off fragrance. You want to be buying the real thing. Make sure that this site has been around for awhile. It doesn’t help if they say they have a return policy if the site has disappeared when you try to go back. Also make sure that the page where you enter your personal information is a secure page. If you shop carefully, you will have a good experience when you buy discount fragrances online.

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