• Differentiating Birth Defects and Birth Injury Lawyers

    2016-12-06_13-08-15The birth of a baby is usually something is looked forward to with a lot of hope and excitement. The family is usually very ager and very happy to meet its new member. It is a Tim that is celebrated with a lot of pomp and glamour; sadly enough though, not all families usually get the chance to celebrate this time with all this pomp and glamour. The new family member that they were waiting for with such eagerness does not come as they were expected to. This creates a very bad atmosphere of sadness, worry and stress.

    It is however important that we understand that as much as it is possible for children to be born disabled, there are those whose disability would have been avoid in good time. This is where the difference between birth injury and birth defects arises. Birth defects are disabilities that developed while the baby was still in the womb. The condition usually occurred in the period when the baby was still growing and might be caused by quite a number of factors that might be hard to immediately determine.

    With birth injury on the other hand, it usually arises as a result of neglect by the medical team that was taking care of the mother during the birth process. They are usually things that could have been prevented and this is the reason as to why they are usually harder to deal with as a family compared to the defects. It is not easy as a family to know that you will be raising a disabled baby that would have otherwise been born completely healthy if only the medical team would have done its job right.

    The good news is that this injustice does not have to go unpunished. As a parent of a child who was born with disability as a result of birth injury, there are legal avenues that you can pursue to allow you to get justice. Simply look for good Philadelphia malpractice lawyer in your area and let them guide you through the process. It is definitely not fair for your child to suffer throughout their life and you to have to go through the pain of seeing your child lead a harder life due to the negligence of someone who did not do their job right. Consult good birth injury lawyers and let them guide you further on how you can file a lawsuit against the hospital and the medical team and at least get some form of justice for your child.

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