• How To Choose The Best Mowers For Your Lawn

    Summer is coming and you may be looking for the best mowers for your lawn. With so many options available, how would you  know you’ve made the right decision? We’ve spent a lot of time trying out many mowers available on the market and here’s a list of how to pick the right one for you.

    Consider the size of your lawn

    Troy-Bilt-420cc-OHV-450x375We know this seems like a simple thing, but often, enthusiastic buyers overlook this factor. Powerful machines don’t necessarily mean what you need because your lawn may not need that much power. Always keep in mind the size of your lawn to the capacity of the machine so you don’t go above or below what you need.

    Know what is available

    If you’ve been scouting around for the best mowers, then you would know by now that there are many different types available. Whether it’s a manual reel mower where the blades spin as you push the mower, a electric power cord or cordless, a gas engine mower, or a drivetrain that allows you to mow uphill with ease, choose the right size and capacity that your lawn needs. Some mowers are easy to handle and some require some skills to maneuver. If your local hardware store doesn’t offer sample units to try out, speak to the salesperson for further information.

    Smart choices with power mowers

    If you prefer a power mower over a manual unit, make sure you pay attention to its specs to ensure you get the best efficiency out of it. Take note of the voltage (on cordless mowers) and amps (on corded mowers) to know how much power output you’re getting. The higher the amount, the more powerful your machine is. For cordless mowers, you may want to check if you’re getting one with a dual-battery system so you can extend your cutting time. Another important factor you should pay attention to is the engine torque.

    Engine torque is the force that keeps the blades in your machine spinning and higher torque will help better in cutting thick and/or tall grasses.Choosing the right lawn mower for your lawn may take some time before you find the one that suits you best. However, it will be worth it as lawn mowers are often made to last.


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