• Body Building Tips That Lead to Failure


    These are not the body building tips that lead you to muscle failure and the myth of more mass, these are the body building tips that lead you to fail in your efforts to get a better body and those six pack abs. The myths (tips) have been around for years and even taught by the generations before us and I cannot believe they are still with us today.

    30 and 40 year old false information that is being reprinted in modern body building magazines today like it is the next piece of big breaking news on how to get big triceps and how to lose that belly fat after pregnancy. It is not just nonsense; it is borderline fraud if you ask me.

    This is the most commonly repeated myth in the body building world, or at least in the world of powerlifting workout guide magazines that probably just need some filler content to pack around one of their supplement advertisements. This is so false it is even laughable and I am shocked how many people actually believe this. If professional body builders don’t do this, what makes someone think it will work for the average person who hits the gym 2 to 4 times a week? Each of the professional body builders has their own private routines and they are a secret. Most of them don’t even use a public gym; those covers are just a photo shoot to make some sales.

    If you or I tried to duplicate a routine one of the pro body builders is using we would probably end up broke from the cost of supplements and in the hospital for something to kill the pain.Aerobics are a very important part of an overall workout regiment, but using aerobics to achieve a “pump” on a specific muscle group is counterproductive for building muscle mass and a waste of time.

    This is done by overworking a muscle group, biceps for example, with a much lower weight than normal to get the muscles to “pump” up. Now of course they will feel and appear to be larger for a short period of time but that is because the blood is not flowing properly.

    The burn you feel in your muscles from any type of activity is from a buildup of lactic acid in the muscle. This is an indicator your muscles are working harder than your cardiovascular system can keep up with. Not enough blood is getting to your muscles to deliver oxygen and take away the waste.Save your aerobics for your cardio workouts because they will only cause a loss of muscle tissue otherwise. One single “pump” type of routine can remove all the gains from your last workout.

    This is another one of the myths in body building I could never understand. The world of body building is the only one that pushes this concept of working out so hard you cannot even do one more rep. Coincidentally very few of the professionals ever do this and even fewer actually endorse it as part of a normal routine for building muscle mass. Building muscle mass is directly related to the amount of weight you are using per rep. you do want to use a heavy enough amount of weight so you can feel that another rep may not be a good idea, but that is not training to total failure that is just maxing out the weight for your set. The next set you do at that weight may have fewer reps, but once again that is maxing out your weight not burning out to failure. Training to total failure normally is very similar to myth #2 and it is counter productive to building muscle mass. Aerobic body building to total failure results in the loss of muscle mass not the gain.

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