• Best Robot Mop

    In case you are getting tired of mopping floors all the time, we have solution for you. You will enjoy your free time without having to lift your hand. The answer for your worries is a robot mop. This robot mop can clean up all hard floors and you can just sit and watch. There are many different types of robot mop out there that can perfectly fit you and your needs.

    BP 3

    The entry level robot mop cleans various types of flooring. That can include tiled floors and hardwood. This is good for different rooms like kitchen bathroom and living room. This robot is small. It is good for narrow places, that includes corners. The robot contains cleaning head that vibrates and jet that sprays so it can in an easy way shift dirt. This type of robot is good for various houses. Especially those with obstacles, because it has intelligent sensors. They remember all obstacles that were previously passed by and can slow down in order to evade them on the next run.

    Other models are good for cleaning big areas. They have smart navigation system and quick charger that can charge the robot mop in about two hours. They are very easy to use. In case you want to have it running, that can happen in a just few seconds. The cloth needs to be attached and button pressed then in order to activate the mop floor cleaner. The best floors for this type are: laminate and vinyl. There are 2 different cleaning modes: Damp mop mode and dry sweep mode. The first one is good for frequent cleaning. It navigates up and down in horizontal lines. It picks up hair and dust on its way. The second one is for stubborn dirt. It goes back and forth just to be sure that all stains are removed. Disposable pads are used by the robot mop. This mopping robot contains reservoir for cleaning and it can squirt liquid while this mop runs over your floors.

    One more type of these robot mops is the one that has vacuum cleaner. It is great for carpeted areas and many more. So this robot is very useful in case you have different types of flooring in your home. It has great battery life and it runs more than one hour after full charge. The good thing is that it contains filters that can remove sub-micron particles.

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